Sunday, May 20, 2012

For Keeps

I'm doing this for me and not because of what everything thinks about me. I remembered when I was still in high school and still dancing like there's no tomorrow. I believe I was 90 lbs. back then, and  I eat everything I want without thinking about how my legs or arms are going to get huge. But as you know, everything changes. I can't always be skinny because it comes with age. 

A few days ago, someone told me: "Pinapabayaan mo na ba yung sarili mo?" while staring at my arms. I just laughed and accepted how fat I am but in truth I was wounded. Because to tell you honestly, my clothes are getting too tight. My schedule and my life has been so busy lately because of work and everything in between. I tend to pig out to feel happy and contented but then again there's always a consequence. So you see what I have been now. Good thing leggings were invented and I just pair it with my brother's loose shirt and I'm ready to go. :)

I know I'm such a sucker today. I might be even bordering to emo-ness. Hay! I just had to burst this out. I haven't been able to give myself the treat I deserve. So yes, I am doing this for myself and not because I want to prove something. I just want to feel confident again and feel the Dyms that was locked up for so long. 

I'm on a tight budget because I'm saving up for a travel in June. So instead of signing up for yoga or dance class, I decided to do the ever free exercise! I plan to jog every weekend since I have more time to do that then I'll do hip-hop abs every weekday. And of course, the most difficult of every thing a woman has to do - DIET. (As I am writing this, I am thinking about cheeseburger, chocolate cake, spaghetti, rice, chicken, and every meal Mcdonald's is serving) 

I know it is going to be very difficult especially because I'm used to eating whatever I want. But I know I can do this, I was able to do this before, so I can do it again. 

My mom even told me : "Sigurado ka na ba talaga dyan? Tuloy-tuloy na ba yan?"

I have a goal and I will stick with it.

P.S. Ang gastos magdiet ang mahal ng mga pagkain! Hahaha!

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