Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ride A Bike While You Still Can

Yes of course! This chubby girl can ride a bike! Let us race sometime! Hihi! If you have been a follower of my Instagram account you may have seen my new ride already. For most of you who haven't seen it yet, here are the photos I took with Dolly - my lovely and fearless bike. ♥

I have been biking since I received it! It is an excellent exercise for ladies like us. You won't even think that you are getting tired because you are enjoying every minute of it! Plus, the breeze of the wind is the most exciting and relaxing part. What I like about riding a bike is that you get the exercise you need without spending a dime.

My bike shows how vibrant, stubborn, and flexible my personality is. I'm sure Dolly and I will be spending a lot of time visiting places for the next few weeks. I'm just one happy creature! Wiiiii!!

What I wore:

Lace shorts - New Town Hall, HK
Cropped top - Fleur 'D Lis
Pearl necklace - Bugis, SG
Red platforms - New Town Hall, HK
Headband - Cotton On, SG
Rings - Claire's

Photos were all taken by: Andrew Urquiola

Friday, December 7, 2012

Follow ME!

I am finally on Instagram. Click here to follow me!

I have posted my outfit of the day photos and some fashion finds there. So, if you have time, my account is just a click away!

Good morning lovelies!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Summer in November

Disclaimer: I am the fattest of them all

Hello Sunny November!

I don't know how to tell you how  happy I am to finally write to this blog again! I'm hoping I still have a few readers. huhu! I miss blogging like a 1-year old crying to drink her milk. MIA, but I'm still here!

I hope you read my disclaimer above. I don't have to explain to you how a carbohydrate fan I am. So there goes my chubby beach physique. I hope you still continue to read my blog. Please :)

This beautiful beach in Coron, Palawan made me forget about Boracay. It was a thousand times better than Aklan's beaches. You have to see this place! If you are planning for a Summer trip next year, you guys should visit Coron. They have to-die-for virgin beaches, amazing corals, and overwhelming school of fish.  If given the time, I would post those photos. Above all, it was not crowded.You have all the space you have for blog photos. Haha! ♥

Coron changed me. It made me see the adventurous part of me. I learned snorkeling in a blink of an eye, and I forgot reality just by seeing those school of fish that I want to take home! Hahah! Colorful and so alive, what more can I ask for!

Indeed, a paraiso

What I'm Wearing:

Orange dress - EGD
Swimsuit - EGD
Shades - New Town Hall, HK
Earrings - bazaar
Sarong - Boracay

Photos taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola

Monday, October 22, 2012

Live in Leaves

Good afternoon ladies! How's your super sunny Monday? I can even see the sun glaring from the window. Good thing the A/C here  is on full blast! My jacket keeps me warm - Thank God!

I'm just sharing this quick photo shoot we did Saturday! This was not planned at all. If I knew that we were taking photos for my blog, I wouldn't be wearing this simple and relax outfit. I usually wear something comfy whenever we have lazy dates like this. Great thing was, his backyard was the best background that day! Plus, we still had the sun to accompany us in taking lovely outfit shots!

I hope you guys are having a great start of the week! Mine usually starts with workload but I usually bring sweet bites to keep me up until overtime! Yes, I always render OT! Being a full time writer is my day job and it requests a lot of my time.  I am usually drenched with stress but I'm still thankful that I have a job that keeps me sane and insane! haha! ♥

What I'm Wearing:

White dress - Charlotte Russe
Green sweater - F&H
Socks - EGC
Shoes - Eastwood bazaar
Heart earrings - from HK
Yellow heart clip - CW bazaar
Nail polish - The Face Shop