Thursday, October 22, 2015

KFit - The Yogini in Me

I'm trying to get back in shape or at least exercise because I'm fighting off my lazy self. I recently discovered the KFit App from a colleague at work and from then on I got addicted in discovering new ways to exercise. 

What is KFit?
It gets you into the best fitness studios, classes and gyms in your city. Get access to hundreds of group fitness classes and activities daily with just one monthly membership.
 - KFit official website
These details being said above, you can choose from any class, studio, and time that fits your schedule and the kind of exercise you want to try. Just a few things you can choose from are dance, yoga, crossfit, boxing, Muay Thai, archery, fencing, swimming, shooting, wall climbing, cycling, and more. So cool right?

This is where I discovered L!FE Yoga Studio. From all the studios I've visited, I assure you that this is one of the hippest yoga studio I've seen. They are really new to the yoga family and they started their classes July 2015. 

Once you visit the place, you will feel the zen and warmth of this yoga studio and the young vibe that others don't offer. Btw, it was the Hot Beat class that I tried and it was amazing! Also, you would see that they have this cozy cafe that serves healthy food and delicious coffee. 

Address: 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact: +6328867500
Activities: Ash Asana, Rock N' Flow, Goin' Yin, Yoginner, Hot Beat, Feel Good Flow, Steady Om

You can download the #KFit app now and get the program for 400PHP as @kfit_ph is giving away 600 off your first month instead of 999PHP. Use my promo code YSJ8U when you sign up to All Access and get 100 off your next month's subscription! :)


Monday, October 12, 2015

Nippon Series: Nara, Japan

Winter of February 2015 when I finally saw Nara, Japan. I didn't imagine there's a place so serene and civilized until I've visited Nara Prefecture.  Did you know that it is the 1st permanent capital that was established in the year of 710? Whoa, right? I guess this is the reason why you'll really feel how their culture has evolved and has been kept. But personally, aside from the Big Buddha in one of the temples, I adore those deer that were roaming around tourist spots. 

What to see here:

  1. Todaiji Temple - huge temple where you'll see the Big Buddha
  2. Omizutori - ceremonies of Buddhists that include water and fire
  3. Horyuji Temple - the world's oldest wooden architecture
  4. Isuien Garden - amazing and vast garden near Todaiji
  5. Wakakusa Yamayaki - annual festival where the whole mountain is set to fire
  6. Nara Park - large green park that has deer roaming around
  7. Kasuga Taisha - peaceful and grand shinto shrine
  8. Toshodaiji Temple - huge temple in Nara
  9. Yakushiji Temple - wonderful temple in Nara
  10. Shin-Yakushiji Temple -  life size statues of 12 guardian deities
  11. Heijo Palace / Nara Imperial Palace - old imperial palace of Nara
  12. Kofukuji Temple - family temple of the Fujiwara Clan
  13. Other tourist-y things to see here 

If you're planning to visit Japan, make sure to add Nara on your list. It's one-of-a-kind and being a Filipino, we don't usually get to see deer roaming around a park. If it was in Manila or other parts of the Philippines, they might be gone or use for commercial purposes. You know what I mean right? Kung sa Pinas ito, wala na yang mga usa, binenta na yan at hindi naalagaan ng maayos.

What I wore:

Pink coat - Forever 21
Hoodie & Stockings - Terranova
Chuck Taylor - Converse
Bag - Myeongdong
Floral headpiece - Chatuchak

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Nippon Series - Kyoto Day 1

Well hello there! It has been ages since I posted on my first love - my blog. I'm assuming you missed me. Yes? Even a little bit? I'm sure you do. Hahaha! I miss writing too. Sorry in advance as I was stuck in the real world pretending to be an ex-mermaid. What? Hiccups, yes but I'm definitely back to share my fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle happenings. Hope you're still here with me. Pretty please? :)

I'm sure looking at the photos you already know where I have been. This was February 2015, the week of my birthday, in fact Winter of this year. It's very obvious with the clothes I was wearing that it was frozen cold. But that didn't stop me from showing you what Kyoto can offer. 

If you are a lover of culture, then Kyoto is the best place for you to see.  This place was once the capital of Japan. You'll see hundreds of all sizes of Buddhist temples, lovely gardens, enormous imperial palaces, majestic Shinto shrines, and traditional wooden houses. 

Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most breathtaking shinto shrines I've seen in Kyoto. It consists of numerous torii gates placed on top of a 233-meter sacred mountain called Mount Inari. This was built as a place of worship and respect where Japanese pray for good fortune.

If you're planning to go to Kyoto soon, this place is a must-see and experience. See more detailed information on the helpful links below:

P.S. If you want to see the place in Winter of next year, make sure you're wearing comfortable and thick clothes for the temperature goes down up to -8 degrees celsius. For affordable, fashionable, and fits-the-weather clothes make sure to visit the Zalora Pop-Up Store now.

What I wore:

Scarf and Hat - Cotton On
Hippie Skirt - Forever 21
Manic Panic Hair Dye - Funkystreaks
Purse - Coach