Thursday, June 14, 2012

I want some "Pixie" Lott!!!

Well hello readers, if I still have you guys! I know it is so long and I don't want to bore you with all the excuses that I can think of. But I'm just dropping by because I really really miss doing this! And that I'm still alive.What are you guys up to lately?! I'm still into fashion and now a days, I just can't stop searching for her name! Pixie Lott.

Victoria Louise "Pixie" Lott is an English singer-songwriter, dancer and actress. Her debut single "Mama Do" was released in June 2009 and went straight to number one in the UK Singles Chart.  -

Please be wide aware that the next photos you'll see are humongous, and I like it like that. These lovely photos are from one of my favorite sites: JUST JARED JR. ♫


So know you see how gorgeous she is. At that young age, she is oozing with style and fashion! How I'd love here mix and match of colors, one day she's the classic rock chic and the next day she's all flowery and pastel princess. And oh boy, did you see her hunky and beautiful model boyfriend!!! I know! He is Oliver Cheshire‘. They are so cute together! The perfect match it is!

I will in all my power - try to sport her look in one of my posts in the future. What I adore about her is that she's not that tall but she shouts of height! I love here bow and purse accessories they always bring classy and magnet fashion power to every outfit she wears. Her cutesy flirtatious style and makeup makes here different from the rest.

I promise to be a good and punctual fashion blogger. Maybe next month? Don't forget me. I'm just here, always here, loving fashion away from all this busy lifestyle you guys are enjoying.

Can't wait for June 21st! Just saying will tell you all about it! ♥