Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prisoner Mode

It's never to late to be bold and fierce. 

Today is the last day of work for this week. 

Welcome Holy week. :) 

It's the time to repent and sacrifice. I'm just feeling my color today. Black and white of course. My merry color. :)

Here goes:

  • White V-neck shirt - i stole it from my dad's closet
  • Black vest
  • Vertical short stripes skirt
  • Black tights
  • White low cut chucks
  • Skull ring 
  • Revlon Fuchsia lips

Tiers of Pearls Necklace

Love it!

Love it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rugged Friday!

Today is Friday, so that means I could wear what ever rugged clothes I want. 

It's dress down day-ish! Because I always always have this rule that Friday's are meant for sneakers, cute purse, and wicked accessories.

Friday means lazy day. I get to slouch and yawn at all times. Friday means pig out day!

What I'm wearing today:

  • White boyfriend polo. I got it from my little brother's closet.
  • Black and gray tattered jeans from bazaar
  • Red Chuck Taylor  sneakers from Converse
  • Line design black and white watch from Link
  • Silver Indian ring from Eastwood bazaar
  • Red lips!! 
  • Big Curly Hair today! :)

Love it!

Image 3 of ASOS Sports Watch With Zebra Print

Love it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Dream Black Power!

So yes, I'm attending a wedding on Saturday. My high school classmate and long time friend is finally getting married to the love of her life!  So now, I'm here and I've been looking for THE wedding outfit.

Color black is the theme of the wedding. So, that is perfect for my oh-so-hide-my-fat-stage body. The bride said that we need to wear a short little black dress.

I want to look nice of course! Every one does, especially if it is also a half reunion thing with your high school girlfriends! ugh! yes, i know I'm so fat. err!

Since I've just been addicted to Fashiolista. I checked out and researched my dream outfit. If I could just grab them and magically wear them on Mikki's wedding date, i would!

here goes!! send me the love!

Look: Rose, Nessie, Allie, Bella

Love it!


Love it!

Angel Wing Rose Gold P Ring use Swarovski Crystal SR067

Love it!


Love it!

Black skull clutch

Love it!