Monday, October 12, 2015

Nippon Series: Nara, Japan

Winter of February 2015 when I finally saw Nara, Japan. I didn't imagine there's a place so serene and civilized until I've visited Nara Prefecture.  Did you know that it is the 1st permanent capital that was established in the year of 710? Whoa, right? I guess this is the reason why you'll really feel how their culture has evolved and has been kept. But personally, aside from the Big Buddha in one of the temples, I adore those deer that were roaming around tourist spots. 

What to see here:

  1. Todaiji Temple - huge temple where you'll see the Big Buddha
  2. Omizutori - ceremonies of Buddhists that include water and fire
  3. Horyuji Temple - the world's oldest wooden architecture
  4. Isuien Garden - amazing and vast garden near Todaiji
  5. Wakakusa Yamayaki - annual festival where the whole mountain is set to fire
  6. Nara Park - large green park that has deer roaming around
  7. Kasuga Taisha - peaceful and grand shinto shrine
  8. Toshodaiji Temple - huge temple in Nara
  9. Yakushiji Temple - wonderful temple in Nara
  10. Shin-Yakushiji Temple -  life size statues of 12 guardian deities
  11. Heijo Palace / Nara Imperial Palace - old imperial palace of Nara
  12. Kofukuji Temple - family temple of the Fujiwara Clan
  13. Other tourist-y things to see here 

If you're planning to visit Japan, make sure to add Nara on your list. It's one-of-a-kind and being a Filipino, we don't usually get to see deer roaming around a park. If it was in Manila or other parts of the Philippines, they might be gone or use for commercial purposes. You know what I mean right? Kung sa Pinas ito, wala na yang mga usa, binenta na yan at hindi naalagaan ng maayos.

What I wore:

Pink coat - Forever 21
Hoodie & Stockings - Terranova
Chuck Taylor - Converse
Bag - Myeongdong
Floral headpiece - Chatuchak

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