Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random 101

I'm on my night shift and it is 3:47 AM Philippines' time.

I'm done with my work and I have spare time to think of lovely things. If you guys are curious, I'm a Web Content Writer and a weirdo most of the time.

I've been spending my weee hours checking this appealing and amazing site:

You might want to check out, what's keeping me sane this dawn.

Cheesy until you drop

What more can you ask, than him, that person who makes this heart beat a little faster..

Fierce is the new nude.

I've been being Ms. Simple because of my shift. I usually just wear jeans, shirt, and snickers when I'm on my night shift. So that means, NO make-up! Will be trying this look soon. Maybe next week because I'm already back to normal! Morning shift, welcome back!

Chic and skinny legs!

Whoever is the artist of this post, I say kudos to your hand and how you created this much awaited gorgeous ladies!

The Suicide Bun!

I'm sooo glad I was able to see this photo. I bought my own suicide bun ponytail in Singapore when I went there last January 2011. It was such a fad that time! Maybe even now. Then once you remove it, you'll have surprise curly hair! you can just spritz some strong hold hair spray and you are good to go for the whole day. You might want to buy one if you are lazy curling your hair everyday. :)

Vintage Earrings! ♥

Who wouldn't love these. You can wear it on any occasion and any style! I say I should collect more of these lovely vintage finds. :)


All I can say is that I agree. I should say yes to this and live with this phrase.

Studded bustier! ♫

I'm inhaling the inner Lady Gaga and Madonna in me! Hahhh!!! I'm fearless! When I lose 5 pounds I can bravely wear this to a club night out or to a costume party? :) hihi!

Memories to be kept forever 

Awwww... that's all I could say. I wish someone would give me a Polaroid camera and unending expired films so I could do this at home. Place them on my bedroom wall and wake up seeing the photos drool over me every morning. :)

Neon Green Pumps from the future ♥

I'm adding this to my wishlist. This neon pumps can add color to my shoe collection! Fairy godmother where are you? I hope you're reading this.. Please :) pretty please! :)

Gear Up! Studs In the House!

Gahhhh!!!! Can I, for some reason DIY this or get this on a cheaper cost! Of course this is expensive! I will have to save up to be able to wear one! I will rave those affordable blackish shop to buy a similar jacket like this! I love you studded wannabes!

The blondes

How do I look with a bleach hair? Will my family and friends still accept me? Maybe if I'm this gorgeous. Can I wake up one day with a model-like figure? Hah! Dreams, dreams, dreams. ♥

Dress-up baby! ♥

Some of you don't know this, but I'm a sucker for a cup of delicious hot coffee. Extra extra cream! I think I know now, why I'm always hyper and why i have this huge legs!!! Coffee is like my breather, it keeps me awake in this hell of a lifetime.

Will give up anything for these GORGEOUS Wedges!!!

Ladies, who wouldn't want these? 1 for each please. :) :)


I will definitely try to wear each of this colors soon. I'm feeling my Pretty Little Liars soul coming in  this cruelty stage crisis. Wait for it! Maybe next week! Will post it soon for you guys to see.

I hope you guys didn't get bored with my random likes this super early morning. Now, I'm craving pancakes and French toast for breakfast! Who wants to join me?

write to you soon, Dyms

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