Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look of the Day: Fashion Passion

Disclaimer: I accidentally deleted the original write-up on this post. Gahhh! I had to rewrite it. It sucks to do it again!!! But hey, things happen for a reason. I like what I wrote the second time. :)

Here it goes...

It was Friday when I decided to wear this outfit, I had to rest my calves from wearing heels for 4 straight days. I chose my oh-so-comfy Oxford shoes to match my bloody red stockings. I love how it complimented the eerie-feel of this style. I adore this Passion shirt that I got for free when I bought the third book from this series. (I'm not only a style fanatic but I also love to read books, especially smell them! Yay! hahah) Skulls and chains made my dark aura a blast!

I believe that accessories bring out the umpfhhh in every style.

Would you wear this red stockings in daytime?

(By the way, I'm thinking of changing my hairstyle / haircut...)

What I'm Wearing:

Passion Shirt - freebie
Polka dot skirt - EGD
Red stockings - H&M
Skull rings - Claire's
Watch - Linked
Chain skull bracelet - Claire's
Skull earrings - Claire's
Gem ring -Just G
Black oval ring - NY&Co
Studded bracelet - People Are People

My Makeup:

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On
Estee Lauder Rose Blush
Chapstick Classic

On My Nails:

OMG Red nail polish
Monaliza white cracking nail polish

Photos were all taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA ♥


  1. you might want to take a peek on our shop... :)

  2. sure! you have a lovely clothing line. Too bad I'm here in the Philippines. :( But I'll visit SG on Feb. 20, Where can I find tracyeinny? <3


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