Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Need A Happy Meal!


Sorry if I'm going to be a boastful blogger on this post. Please stay with me. If not, you could hit the close button on your screen.

I'm writing this "brag about myself" post before I hear mass today. I just realized that the start of the month gave me two amazing things to be happy about. wiiii!!!

The first one is the promotion I got from my current work. Most of you think that I'm just a regular wannabe who posts about clothes and shoes like almost everybody else. If you probably don't know this, I was just recently promoted as a Senior Web Content Writer. Wiii! Applause applause (I just did that for my own sake. Sorry if this post is all about me) I don't know what they saw in me to promote me, but hell my presentation was hard work. I had to put real effort to show them that I'm good in what I do.

The second one is that I just received an email from this famous site StyleSays. Here is just a summary of what they said:

Interested in Collaboration

Hi Dyms Y.!

This is Elaine of the fashion site I came across your IFB profile while looking for talented stylists for my site. Only 50 of our top fashion blogger friends are receiving access. After reading your blog I would be happy to offer you a spot.

I know I'm psyched about it! They messaged me 8 days ago without me even realizing that it was sooo late when I accepted their offer. Thank you Elaine from StyleSays!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

If you want to see what I'm trying to say you could visit my page on their site, just click this word: StyleSays


  1. Congrats Dyms!! You deserve it! xx

    BTW got the same email from StyleSays! hihi still figuring out how their stuff works.

    1. Salamat!! :)

      About stylesays, I know it was difficult to navigate their page at first but you'll have to follow the instructions on the featured stylist tab in order to know how to post your style for that day.
      Go for it!!!! <3 You deserve to be on the featured stylist group as well because you have a lovely style nikki!

  2. Replies
    1. haha! baliw! ito nalang post for today! para break muna from the look of the day posts! ang ganda na ng blog mo Ayzee!! We can do this!


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