Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Ever GIVEAWAY!!! Take it, it is yours!

One winner can have all of these for free!

Flower Connecting ring - Eastwood bazaar

Silver and bronze dangling earrings - dmall Boracay

Yellow Oval dangling earrings - dmall Boracay
(it is in bright yellow color, my photo skills didn't work on this one, sorry!)

Blue almost mood ring - Eastwood bazaar

White Egyptian ring - Eastwood bazaar

Radio ring - GirlShoppe

1 lucky reader of my blog will WIN all of these cuties. These lovely accessories are all from my closet. This is one way of me showing how thankful I am for being able to reach out and share my fashion memoirs to you guys. I'd like to say thank you to those who accepted my weirdness in every aspect of my existence. Sorry for my emoooonessss!

Going back to this giveaway post. You, YES YOU! You can have all of these shipped to you for free! Just follow the mechanics below and you'll instantly be summer ready this April! (only for local readers)

P.S. Sorry for blurry photos huhuhu!

How to win this:

1. You must be a follower of this blog.

2. Follow me on twitter here

3. Share this giveaway on Facebook, "Win this lovely summer accessories from DYMS YAMAT's  by joining @istyleforever's giveaway! -".

 And on Twitter, " Win this lovely summer accessories from DYMS YAMAT's @istyleforever by joining @snobsmyd bloggiveaway! -"

4. Leave a comment below with your Name, Email, and URL of your post. 

Contest ends on April 30, 2012. Goodluck Fashionistas!:)


  1. Dominique Baniqued!/superniknok/status/186453931789000704

  2. Juliene Buelos!/theloudwoman/status/186762670853201920

  3. i dont have a blogger account. to sad. :'( i wanna join.

    1. You can still join using your gmail account. :) Take your chance, you can have all of these accessories for FREE. :)

  4. Name: Jonna Marie Ibuna


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