Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Style Steal - Dita Von Teese









Hail to Dita Von Teese classic Hollywood fashion! Repeat 20 times.

I can't remember that time when I started liking her style. I just had to blog about how her fashion and clothing makes me want to scream. GAHHHH!! She has that perfect body and amazing skin for her age. I wish I could be like her when I'm 39. I adore her trademark Red lipstick, her classic hairstyle, her obsidian black hair, and those clothes that define womanhood. I know, I don't have that awesome body and that money to pull her fashion style, but I will definitely try to ransack my closet and try to be a classic girl even for a day. Haha! How I wish?! I'm staring at her photos for more than an hour now, day-dreaming on how I would look with those clothes on. Spank myself!

Would you be bold enough to wear her clothing line?

P.S. Photos were taken from JUSTJARED and GOOGLE. ♥


  1. Replies
    1. I know pug!! Red lips, soo perfect!!!♥

  2. she's a classic beauty! Diba that gown she's wearing [2nd to the last photo] was also Blair Waldorf's prom dress? Hihi

    1. I know! I that black gown, especially when Blair wore it! waaa! Parang gusto ko mgprom ulit. Hay!

  3. she is just so gorgeous and has such impeccable style.... I love that leopard print combo



    1. I know! When I first saw her photo with that combo style, I just stared and wished I could wear one someday! haha! Just followed your blog, Fabliha, :) KIP

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