Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bird Watching

These photos were taken late afternoon on the way to Chatuchak Park. I didn't realize that people would really sit / lay down on the grass and just hang out. You can even rent mats so you can cozily rest and just spend lazy time with your friends or a special someone. There were even other people having their picnics and just enjoying the view of the lake. You can also buy bird food for 10baht if you like to feed the birds.

I chose to wear this ombre shorts and white tank top because of the very comfortable and breezy feel it  gives me. As you know, the temperature in Thailand is the same as the heat in our country. I needed to make sure I was wearing comfortable clothes because of this shopping day. If you decide to visit Chatuchak, you need to you save your weekend only for shopping. This market is only open every weekends. If you are a cheapstake like me, you are definitely going to love this place!

What I'm Wearing:

White tank top - Banana Republic
Ombre shorts - Eastwood bazaar
Longchamp -
Floral bangle - Eastwood bazaar
Floral headband - Kid's Section, SM Department Store

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