Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Kid Inside This 20 Plus Something

Hallo!!!!! Do you still remember me? I hope so. :)

I'm still alive, kicking, and getting chubbier everyday. haha! I'm not sure if you follow my Facebook page but it has been ages since I have updated this one true love of mine, my blog. How are you? I really miss you, tons!

I don't know if you have noticed but my hair looks different now. I'm a walking corn girl! haha! I decided to do this a year ago for a change. I think it's kind of liberating to switch my hair color from brunette to blonde. What you think? 

Legoland Malaysia

Malaysia Legoland

Legoland in Malaysia

Lego Legoland Malaysia

These photos where taken March 2014 in Legoland Malaysia. It was one of those hot and hellish days when I got to see what everyone was so thrilled about. Don't get your hopes up, for me it wasn't like what I was expecting when I visited this themepark. Maybe I was just expecting a lot, knowing it is Legoland

Some of the rides were closed and no longer taken cared of. The 4D film theater turned out to be 3D because they had water shortage at the time of my film viewing. I really got devastated beause I love watching 4D films, it makes everything real and exciting. But I had no choice because of that incident, it was a bore. The place was huge and requires a lot of walking to go to the different rides. I understand that walking is inevitable when you go to theme parks. It is just that there were no roofs for shade on most of the pathways. 

What I appreciate and like most in Legoland Malaysia is the lego-designed places to visit around the world. The artists were really talented and creative on how they built every little piece of the art. Plus, if I had the time and enough funds I would have swam at Legoland Water Park and stayed at their inviting Legoland Hotel. Maybe next time!

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