Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Second Time Gets Better

If you are wondering why my title is like that, it's because I've stayed in Marina Bay Sands twice already. (insert wink wink!!) Thanks to my super ever dependable BFF who makes everything happen. She lives and works in Singapore that is why I've been visiting this country a lot. Perks of having your BFF just 3 hours from Manila. Wiiiwwww! You'll see her on the next photos below.

MBS Museum

Are you just proud of me? What can you say about my skateboarding skills? Haha! #Fail 
It's not everyday you see a chubby girl riding a cruiser board in her summer dress!

I got my Z-Flex crusier board as a gift from my BFF and BF last Christmas. We bought it at Aloha Boardsports in Trinoma a few days before Christmas. 

Rise Restaurant, MBS

Say hi to my BFF, Khris! We are totally opposites. If I'm Blair, she's Serena. I love black and fierce outfits and she loves whites and dainty pieces. I'm the warfreak and she's the Ms. Congeniality. I love food and she can get away without eating for hours. I'm the straigh thair blonde and she's the curly brunette. I'm the craycray chubby girl and she's the funny simple chic. The list goes on and on but it's serendepity when we became super close friends, like sisters. Is it BFF day already? haha!

MBS Singapore

The view from MBS. You'll see the spectacular Gardens by the Bay. It was my first time to see this nature-loving park because at my two previous visit in SG, this place was not yet built. I was amazed of how it was put to life and how the plants and flowers were flown from different parts of the world just for you to see them.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is how our room looks like from the inside. It's classic and crisp just the way I want it. However, my BFF didn't like it that much because it was smaller compared to the room we got before. Maybe because we checked-in a little bit late that's why all the bigger rooms were already taken. But overall, everything looks good. It was relaxing to just lay in bed and chitchat about our days adventure.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The best and thrilling part of the hotel is Marina Bay Sands Skypark! You'll really feel like a tourist when you are up there. It feels good to see the view of the city and the buildings surrounding SG. The infinity pool is just breath-taking. It makes me want to stare blankly towards the horizon and just wander my thoughts to happy endings. haha!

Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool

Hi from my BF's hairy legs and our boards! hihihi! If you are wondering who takes my photos, you probably know it's him. You can check out his amazing blog here and here.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

MBS Hotel

MBS Hotel

MBS Singapore

Singapore Hotels

It has been a lovely trip because I spent it with my favorite people in world. Plus, I was able to visit the cleanest and most disciplined country in Asia. If you need tips on cheap places to visit in Singapore or touristy place where you don't have to pay anything just feel free to comment below.

What I wore:

White sheer dress - Tomato
Nude flats - H&M Korea (pasalubong from Dean)
Nude Skull purse - Bugis Street, SG
Cadillac round sunnies - Bugis Street, SG
Lipstick - MAC Riri Woo

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