Monday, August 18, 2014

Hooray for South Korea!

I thought I could never visit this place, like never. But when you wish hard enough and you put everything in mind to make it happen, it does happen. I still can't believe I'm back in Manila! Those 7 days were my dreamland memories. It made me realize how behind our country is when it comes to technology, transportation, communication, etc. 

What I love about Korea besides its fashion sense, is their weather. Currently, it's Summer in Seoul and the temperature runs from 19 degrees celcius to 25 degrees celcius. You'll feel the sun, but there is this cool breeze from the wind that makes it refreshing. I so wish we can have that kind of weather here in Manila! I guess that's the reason why Koreans have great skin. Hmph! So jealous!

Most of the photos were taken from the temples/palaces/villages we've visited. It was so amazing to look at them because their inside the busy city and they were able to preserve their culture and heritage. Most importantly in Korea, it's a safe place to travel and live.  You don't have to check your bag/purse once in while to check if everything is still there. Thank God! 

I'm so fulfilled and thankful that I was able to visit Seoul. It was worth the time, effort, and money. I'm definitely going back when it's Fall season! 

Before all the excitement went through, yes, you're seeing it right! I'm a purple-headed Grimace! Hallo! What do you think about my new hair color? :)

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