Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vintage Luck

I'm scratching my brains out just to get up today and tell myself that I'm a zombie for a month again. Zombie meaning, I get to sleep when the sun is up and I'm awake at night working my arse of. Yes you heard me right, I'm trying to be the best W in my day job. How's your Wednesday so far? It is PLL day by the way but I usually get to watch their episodes on Saturdays. I'm so stuck rendering OT until tomorrow morning. I'm such blabber! Oopppss!

Let us get to this outfit post. Okay? :) I adore this "flying birds" design printed on my dress. I actually had 2 choices, ribbon or those birds but I chose the latter. It makes it more vintage than the usually cutesy patootsy ribbon prints. I matched it with my newly found sheer socks I got from Mongkok. Do you see the flower pattern? Aren't they so cute?! (why do i keep on asking you guys? And as if I can get an answer immediately). As I am writing this blog, I'm listening to I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat. Feeling mellow on this bed weather.

Did you happen to see my 3rd earring on my right ear? I love that it fits perfectly. D for Dyms of course but it could also mean dymentia! hihi! I think I need to shut up now.

What I'm Wearing:

Dress and socks- New Town Hall, Mongkok
Pearl necklace - mom's
Necklace with dog pendant - Claire's
Bangles - old
Owl ring - Claire's
Chanel-inspired sunnies - Ladies Market, Mongkok
Wedge shoes - Candie's
How To Kill A Mockingbird book - National Bookstore

All photos were taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola


Hi Fellow Fashionista! I'd love to hear from you. I'll make sure to visit your site as well. Keep on loving life and fashion!