Friday, October 12, 2012

Dreamy Days

Well, hello there! Do you still remember me? ☺ I hope so.. It's 3:00 am Manila time as I am writing this and I'm still wide awake working my ass off. I promised you guys that I'll try my very best to keep up with blogging but my day job is killing me nuts with all the overtime shezzz! Anyways, so much about those negative vibes this early. Hi readers and lovers of art! I hope you are still there for me. ☺

I wore this cute dress when we visited MANILART in SM Mall of Asia.This was my second time to see those remarkable paintings. Indeed, Filipino art and culture are one of the few reasons why I'm still here working locally. 

Yes, you are seeing my bangs again! I feel like I look younger when I sport my hair like this. (Feelerette lang!) The truth is, it is so difficult to manage full bangs. You have to regularly trim it because once it grows even a few centimeters your sight will definitely be affected! So if I am at home or just working in front of the PC, I have my hair up or my headband on just to keep it away from my face. Talk about tiis ganda!

Don't you see anything different from my photos? Yes, my photographer (my fluffy and snobbish boyfriend) is trying different styles just to entertain you guys! Now, he is loving the vintage look - all from the past dreamy photos look. How I wish I get to find clothes to fit the scene and a forest background just to make it more vintage and scary!

Sorry guys for being so talkative this time of the day, I just want to say that I really miss doing this! If I have enough time to squeeze outfit shots for you guys I would, but I am juggling my schedule with my full-time work, freelance writing, and blogging. ♥

Just remember to smile and wear what you feel like wearing. Nowadays, fashion is how confident you are with whatever you are wearing. Can you imagine that print on print is glam as long as you can bring it!

P.S. Good morning! Can't wait for Saturday, I will be watching my favorites shows: Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and 90210!

What I'm Wearing:

Dress - from SG, gift from sister
Transparent floral socks - bought it from HK
Studded headband - EGD
Ring, necklace, and bangle - Claire's
Watch - Casio
Purse - Liz Claiborne 
NYX Shocking pink lipstick - Pretty Goddes
Lomo camera - borrowed from BF


Hi Fellow Fashionista! I'd love to hear from you. I'll make sure to visit your site as well. Keep on loving life and fashion!