Monday, September 24, 2012

New in: Orange Aztec

Remember, I said I'll post photos of the new shoes I got Friday? This is it! When I first laid my eyes on it after work, I had to ask for my size. I removed the shoes I was wearing and walla! I said Kuya, I'm taking this lovely pair! He said, "Sorry po ma'am wala na pong stock ng size 8". I was like no problem kuya, I'll take this one, even if they are on display. I didn't think twice of getting them. It was once in a lifetime chance to find the shoes you like in a very affordable price. When I say very AFFORDABLE, yes cheaper than Parisian Shoes!

I bought it at the bazaar showcase of Marikina shoes in Eastwood. I am assured that this shoes will be with me longer that usual because it was made in Marikina. Quality pair of shoes for an affordable price, that is what I look for every time I buy a new pair. Of course style and uniqueness come with it!

I asked the store for how long they are going to sell in Eastwood, and they told me it was only until yesterday. Good thing, I asked for their contact number, if you want shoes to be customized you can call them. I have their number! If you want to know just comment below! :)

Good vibes on this start of the week lovelies!

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