Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 3: Two Hearts and One Piggy

Good afternoon lovelies, here is day 3 of my vanity eyeglasses collection. I look like a week duckling/piggy! My eyebags are eating the space below my eyes! Help! What's your eyebag regimen? I would love to try that, because no matter what I do I always end up with these fugly maletas! (with or without sleep)

I hope you already saw me wearing this heart eyeglasses in this post. This glasses are not clear unlike the previous eyepieces I wore. It has a light brown shade in the middle. I look snobbish when I wear this, however I still adore it because I look like this ♥_♥.

I really hope I don't get you bored or irritated with these photos. Sorry if I do. Hugs! 

It was raining when I was on my way to work a few hours ago so I'm wearing my polka dot rain boots. - just sharing! ha!

What I'm Wearing:

Heart eyeglasses - Landmark
Clip - Claire's
Lippies: NYX Louisiana and NYX Narcissus - Pretty Goddes


  1. Try using a spoon. 'yung spoon, ilalagay mo sa ref. Kapag malamig na siya, ilagay mo sa eys mo. You can use also potato. You'll put it in your eyes. Na-try mo na na ba 'yung garnier eye roll? Hope this will help :)

    1. Thanks Lin Rios for those tips :) I am using the Garnier BB eye roll. But I don't think it is working. I tried the eye mask thing as well just for luck but nothing, will try the potato tip! For now, I'm stuck with concealer for a temp touch up♥

    2. You're welcome. BTW, I love your style. I'm following you now :)


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