Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The B is Back!!!

B as in the Baboy, Oinky, Pata, and Ms. Piggy is back! I'm really sorry for not being able to post my outfits and my fashion finds for more than 5 days. I've been out of town, away from all the busy and stressful worries of our city. I was on vacation for 5 straight days! Wii! So happy for me! I visited Cebu and Bohol. I just got back a while ago, I took the 11:15PM flight bound to Manila. It was a very fast and sleepy trip, and I ended up sleeping it of all the way until we landed.  I know a lot of things already happened. I will definitely post my birthday look very very soon. I hope you'll like that, also I had my hair cut! I hope you don't think like I'm another person.

This photo was taken from the garden area of Magellan's Cross in Cebu. I know, it looks like somewhere overseas. :) You'll see more of my Cebu outfits on my future posts! :) I miss you guys!!! So much!!!!

On My Hair:

The photo was taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA 

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