Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look of the Day: Fly To The Top


What do you think about my background for this post? I say, I adore this place!

Are you curious where this place is? I won't be that selfish to just keep it to myself. As I have told you, I went on a 5-day birthday / monthsary / Valentine vacation and this place is in Cebu. It is called Tops, from the name itself it is located at the top of the mountain. You can see the whole of Cebu when you are on it. The fun part was that, we had to ride the habal-habal: a motorcycle. Since it was up the mountain, only 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles can drive up to this place. It was my first time to ride a habal-habal, it was a windy and fulfilling at the same time. Being exposed to the sun on the way up,  my skin was burnt by the sun like crazy. I just adore this place period! You should see this place sometime.

I'm sorry about my legs. I know I shouldn't wear shorts because of my super fat legs! Waaa!

P.S. I love my hat. (a gift from my boyfriend) ♥
It helped me a lot from the sun and because my noodles gave it to me.

What I'm Wearing:

Blue abstract sleeveless top - Eastwood bazaar
Shorts - Circle C
White wedge shoes - Mendrez
Black coat - Landmark
Hat - Jellybean 
Shades - Fly
Blue feather earrings - Claire's
I ♥ Cebu bracelet - Island Souvenirs
Blue flower ring - Claire's

My Makeup:

On My Nails:

Neon Peach / Pink nailpolish - Wet 'N Wild
Yellow nailpolish - The Face Shop

Photos were all taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA


  1. your outfit is so pretty!
    ~Sarah :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! you are adorable! So young and stylish! ♥

  2. My mom's from Cebu and I've been there many times, but I haven't seen Tops :(

    i love your new hair :)


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