Friday, February 3, 2012

Look of the Day: Graffiti Wall



You know what, it has been one of the items in my wishlist to be photographed behind a graffiti wall. It was not planned at all. It was serendipity that showed us to that location. :) My goal is to be photographed in different locations wearing different outfits. I hope I could do that.

If you guys have any suggestions where I could have my photos taken, don't hesitate to comment on this post.  :)

I adore how the dressy outfit I wore on this post matches the artsy fartsy wall I have on my background. It is just so ironic but it still blends well. hahah! Did you even get me?

I love this white sleeveless dress because it's very comfortable to wear with anything. I decided to wear my oh-so-green over-sized coat to put a little life on the ensemble. By the way, it was sooo difficult to walk with my gold heels that shooting day. They kept on submerging in the soil while I'm doing my poses. I had to clean it afterwards! I love my gold shoes so dearly. waaa!

Would you take a photo behind this wall?

What I'm Wearing:

White sleeveless dress - EGD
Green over-sized coat - vintage
Gold gladiator shoes - Janilyn
Necklaces - Claire's
Heart Ring - Kohl's
Speedy 35 Purse - Louis Vuitton

My Makeup:

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On
e.l.f. Eye Shadow Encyclopedia in bronze color
Estee Lauder Rose Blush
Chapstick Classic

On My Nails:

On My Hair:

TreSemme Heat Prevent Spray
TreSemme Strong Hold Spray

Photos were all taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA ♥


  1. Love how the blazer added an "edge" to the look! Ang galing mong mag-excessorize!! xx

    btw i've always wanted to have a pic in a grafitti wall too! pero all the walls i've seen are either in a slum (haha) or in a hi-way.

    you're lucky that place looks secluded, sarap mag-picture!!

    1. Salamat ng marami nikki! Accessories tlga nkaka put ng "dating" to every outfit. No matter how simple your clothes are, just as long as you have the cutest accessories, your outfit will be a winner!

      Sa my village yan namin sa wall ng tennis court. (na vandalize na wala na ngawa ung homeowners' association) Secluded talaga siya. Si T-Rex lang nakakita. if you want sama ka sa amin mgphotoshoot minsan. tas mg combi-photoshoot tayo! wiii! ♥

  2. Loving the pink lips with the green blazer :)


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