Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Christian Grey

My title screams why I'm looking like this. I bet all the girls know him by now. I've been hooked and still hooked to this trilogy until now, and I still miss Mr. Grey. I have long and sleepless nights because of him. He  made things possible in my dreamland. haha!

I wanted to wear something I've been imagining in the Red Room of Pain. I know you would only get that if you read the book. I won't share too much nasty info because I don't  want  to spoil the others who haven't read it yet. But I hope you get to know Mr. Grey soon. You'll definitely know why every girl is going GaGa over him.

What do you think of my charcoal lips? I wonder what would people say if I wear this at work? haha! How about my title. Oh yes, my Christian Grey - mine!

What I'm wearing:

DIY shirt - sister's closet
Leggings - Landmark
Red beads - Bourbon St. New Orleans
Skull earring - Claire's
Black vintage earring - Eastwood bazaar
Shoes - Candie's
Skull makeup kit - Target
Bracelets - very old 
Leopard sweater - vintage
Belly ring - People Are People
NYX black lipstick - Pretty Goddes

Photos were all taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola

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