Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Office Chic

Hello! I know! I'm starting to get back on track. I hope you guys miss me. It has been decades since I visited this site. Apologizing is not enough for being MIA for thousands of styling months. I was just busy being lazy, traveling, reading, and eating my heart out.

Here is just a quick post of an old outfit I wore at work one weekday. It was my feeling formal and office-like nobody. We took this photos after lunch so pardon my huge tummy! huhu! I missing you a lot. I don't want to promise that I'll be posting everyday but I will try to post more than the usual. I have a lot in mind like the goodies I bought from miles away. I'm just getting the hang of everything, and once I do, I will truly truly post and show those lovely finds.

I really really MISS you guys!!!(100x) I hope you are still there reading my blog. By the way, I'm blogging here at our office pantry where every site is not blocked. Yey!

What I'm wearing: 

Black and white stripes polo - Banana Republic 
Fluffy skirt - Bazaar Stockings - closet (super old) 
Silver heels - Fioni 
Chandelier necklace - Kohl's 
Watch - Bugis Street, SG
Earrings - gift from BFF from SG

 Photos were all taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola

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