Monday, July 16, 2012


Second day in HK was a blast and was very busy! We were picked up by our tour guide at 8AM, and we visited several places like the Avenue of Stars, HK Jewelry Store, fishing village, and of course Ocean Park!

Being a tourist and fashion blogger, I had to take advantage of the kind weather and enjoy the view. I didn't really took dramatic photos like the usual because we were given a call time to get back inside the shuttle to visit the next stop. But hey, I wouldn't let any prospect outfit background shoot - wasted. 

Since it was a day full of walking, I opted to wear my oh-so-comfy white tattered shorts and summery top. I wore my ever dependable thong sandals to keep up with the relaxed vibe. Nothing will shout like a statement with these lovely earrings I'm wearing. I know you see this pair of earrings in a lot of my previous posts but I don't care because I really adore them.

I had so much fun in Ocean Park! Did you see me jumping together with those mascots? It was so funny! I love the cable ride it was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. The view was amazing - only in HK. It was my first time to ever see Ocean Park, for starters this place is very huge! Disneyland is just half of it. You really need a lot of strength when you plan to go here or new legs and feet to walk. Haha! But nevertheless, it will all be worth it!

My favorite of them all are the Pandas! I wanted to take them home and make them my personal stuffed toys! Also, did you see the jellyfish. They are so mysterious and beautiful! I love how they swim gracefully and I love watching them do their swift moves. 

Sorry for being so talkative again! I had so much to share and I'm starting to be a travel blogger! hihi!

What I'm wearing:

Flora halter top - Charlotte Russe
White tattered shorts - Forever 21
Thong sandals - Charlotte Russe
Watch - Casio
Back pack - SM Department Store
Purple jacket - Maldita

Photos were all taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola


  1. Another beautiful fashion post! The jump shot is amusing! hahaha Yay to pandas! What is that red fox/raccoon-like creature? ^_^

    1. Thanks! It means a lot knowing that you like my post! I know, I love the pandas! Red pandas! ♥

  2. Did you get lost in Ocean Park? Cuz I did when I went hahaha XD

    1. Almost. But good thing Rex was an incredible compass! haha! <3


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