Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look of the Day: Checkered Nation

Hello, how is everyone doing on this Saturday morning? I just dropped by to tell you that I miss posting photos and sharing thoughts with you guys (if i even have readers) huhu! I've been busy with work and the stress i get from it. but lately i just love how friends make you laugh in every weird situation.

What do you think of this outfit? I feel such a kid in the wrong generation? I just love my necklace and socks here! Would you wear such clothes? I bet you'd be thinking twice. To weirdo or not to weirdo?!

What I'm Wearing:

Black dress used as skirt - EGD
Collared top - Garage sale
Leggings - Landmark
Socks - EGD
Shoes - Nine West
Necklace - Bugis St. Singapore
Ring - NY&C

Photos were all taken by: Rexter Andrew Urquiola


  1. This look is pretty, I love the accessories you wore. And your ear piercings = totally cool!

  2. Dear, that's not checkered, it's houndstooth.


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