Friday, March 2, 2012

Look of the Day: Studded Ovasion

I just realized that I look so happy here! Wiii! This was a shoot we did on our lunch break. When the sun was up and we had the building as our shade. I adore the stockings I got as a present from my brother and her girlfriend when they went to Singapore last year. I just love how the print looks so animalistic!! Rawr!!! If you don't know, I have this addiction to stockings. I practically own 2 bags of different prints and colors of stockings. I don't know what has gotten into me. It was as if I was born wearing one!

I especially love the studs and blings on my boots. It shouts my name! It gives me the feeling of strong will and fearlessness. What do you think? I'm starting to get all so cheesy here. Tell me if you want to spank me now. Yay!

Are you willing to wear all these prints, studs, and layers?

What I'm Wearing:

Black dress - vintage
Leopard sweater - Forever 21
Printed stockings - H&M
Studded boots - vintage
Earrings and rings - Claire's

My Makeup:

Estee Lauder Rose Blush

On My Hair:

On My Nails:

Red nail polish - OMG
White nail polish - Cracking Polish

Photos were all taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA

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