Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fashion Finds: Cheapsteake!

Yesterday was a cheap retail therapy mode! I was looking for "cute whatevers" to comfort me from the stress I'm getting lately. OT on a Saturday was a big NO-NO! So going to mall and having dinner with my boy noodles were a big chance for me to forget I had to work for the rest of the day. I stumble upon these cute gold rings. My new babies indeed! I saw the thick gold ring in Bugis, SG but I had to stop myself from spending too much, that is why I didn't buy it then. But when I saw it again in Girlshoppe, I still had the feeling that it belongs to me. So I didn't think twice and bought them. Who wouldn't love that chic "angel wings" ring? I had to make sure I get one of those. 

You know well that I adore earrings, they are part of my day-to-day accessories. I caught these very cheap group earrings in the Eastwood bazaar. Guess how cheap these are? I hoarded all those cutesy-patootsy designs! I know I couldn't wear them altogether but I love the feeling that I have choices. I personally love the vintage black and white earrings. They shout my color, and I am excited to wear them on my next outfit posts. :)

I have a few more accessories I just got from Singapore and San Francisco. I promise to show you soon, so that you know how addict I am to them! Waaa!

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!♥

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