Sunday, January 22, 2012

Look of the Day: Fierce Until the End


I'm so HAPPY! My blog is evolving to a beautiful and strong butterfly!!! ♥ My photos wouldn't be this gorgeous without my Andrew. :) If you need a photographer and you want to get your photos taken for your blog or for any event, you can contact Andrew Urquiola. ♥

I felt like a fierce chic when I wore this outfit. I even curled my hair to add up to the boisterous style that I'm trying to portray. Ha! I saw my red pants in my closet that I decided to pair it with my Lady Gaga-ish top. I love how the sleeves have its own life. My gray zipper ankle boots was the perfect match. F is for Fierce!

What I'm Wearing:

Black top - Trinoma
Red pants - vintage
Gray zipper ankle boots - Parisian
Dangling earrings - Claire's
Cross ring - Eastwood bazaar

My Make-up:
Estee Lauder gold and bronze eyeshadow
Estee Lauder Rose Blush

On My Hair:

On My Nails:

Photos were all taken by: REXTER ANDREW URQUIOLA


  1. I still heart your style, Dyms! :)

    1. thanks aiyo! <3 Will post more outfit photos soon. hihi! Alam mo naman dati palang maarte na ako! how are you?

  2. nice top

    1. Thanks Michelle :) I love your Celine purses. <3 I just followed you!


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