Monday, January 16, 2012

Look of the Day: Wall of Fashion

Words bring meaning to any event. I was able to collect walls with different writings in one day. Photos were taken at Orchard, Singapore. You wouldn't want to leave the malls because of their overwhelming designs and styles. :) Will see you on February! ♥

This was a cupcake / chocolate store for all those sweet lovers! The store was really tempting. You guys know now why I'm this fat! Gahhh!

The perfect picture, it explains so much about the things you want to change. The things that you want to re-make in order to get to that better place. :)

Shoes. If I see a pair that I really love, I forget everything. Shoes!!!!!

Miu Miu, when will I be able to buy something out of this store? Dream, dreams, and more dreams.

One thing that makes me forget about money. Louis Vuitton purses are sent from heaven.

How much does a Prada bag costs? Can my salary buy one? For now, I just want to take a photo beside your logo. :))

♥ Love ♥


  1. Hey there, lovely blog. Would be happy if you visit also mine.
    Best, SH

    1. Thanks! Sure I'll check out your blog :)


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